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We offer many opportunities for you to prosper along with us.
We count on partners to help us be successful in every facet of the business. Here are a few examples:
  • Help find “off-market” multi-family or residential properties
  • Invest equity alongside us in high-yielding, safe projects
  • Be a private money lender
  • Institutional debt/equity partners
  • Accredited/sophisticated investor introductions
These contributions are critical to our on-going growth, and therefore, we provide substantial compensation to those who perform these functions for us. The following list provides more details:
  • Commercial Brokers & Wholesalers
If you have access to “off-market” multi-family or residential deals, we would like to meet you and become your go-to partner that is reliable, easy and efficient to do business. We are professionals that will make your job easy and make you look good, all while compensating you handsomely.
  •  Equity Partners
If you are an accredited investor looking for the optimal combination of wealth preservation, asset appreciation, and consistent “passive” income, we invite you to consider investing with us in multifamily (apartment) projects. Our conservative approach offers some of the best risk adjusted returns of any asset class.
  • Equity Investors
Are you frustrated with the returns you are currently earning on your money? Do you want to earn safe, double digit returns on your money, knowing that it is secured with real estate and equity?  We will provide you with the right opportunity to achieve your goals as our private moneylenders.
  • Institutional Debt Equity Partners
We want to work with the very best capital partners available today.  Whether you are an institution that can provide just one piece of the needed capital or the entire stack, we would like to see if there is a match.  Those institutions we have the most success with recognize the potential we offer in obtaining and improving quality assets.
  • Investor Introductions
We have several investment opportunities in multi-family. Because of the size of these investments, they are typically funded thru a syndication (ie. pooling passive investor money), and therefore, require the participation of accredited or sophisticated investors. Successful introductions to people that ultimately invest with us can result in your own equity and management stake in these projects.
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